Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To grow..

I have been wanting to start my garden this year..but my hubby still thinks I need to wait until we know for sure that the cold isn't going to kill my plants!! I do believe we are past the point of frost right? ;) I just think he is trying to get out of helping out with the chore of getting it all fixed up!

Every year since I have been married, and even before we were married, we had a that makes about 7 years of having a garden and I cant imagine not having at least tomatoes this year!
But this year I want to make a good sized raised beds, this way I can maintain the soil better and actually keep it neat and tidy.

So to get everything going, I have been brainstorming about what I want, and to keep it long term. I usually plant first of spring for all the summer veggies and so forth, but if I get to have it my way I want to plant this year also for winter vegetables. Fingers crossed that I can get this done one weekend in the future, I would be oh so happy..

Here are some inspiration pics I am in love with!

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